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Apple iPad with Retina display (16GB + 4G) Review

Apple iPad with Retina display (16GB + 4G) Review Mr Review

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Summary: Pros: Fantastic screen, very fast, improved camera, 4G mobile broadband available EE. Cons: Poor sound, no memory expansion and no HDMI connection, 4G is only available on one network.



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Apple iPad with Retina display – the 4th generation iPad is setting new standards in terms of quality of the screen and graphics. It is extremely fast, nicely designed and very easy to use. It also brings 4G to tablets, in its cellular version. If it wasn’t for the poor sound and some other minor disadvantages, it could be definitely called “the perfect tablet”. Still, it is an extremely good product and probably the best tablet available at present.

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What is Apple iPad with Retina display (16GB + 4G)

The iPad with Retina display represents the 4th generation of iPads, and it is an improved version of its predecessor, the iPad 3. With the best screen available on the market, incredible graphics and the fastest iPad processor to date, this iPad remains one step ahead of the competition.

What are the specifications of this device?

You can choose between regular and “cellular” model. The main difference is that cellular model supports 4G, whereas regular model supports only standard Wi-Fi connections. Other than that, both models have the same specifications.

Retina display is 9.7 inch wide and has 2048-by-1536 resolution. Processor is extremely fast dual core A6X with quad core graphics. There are two cameras: the front 1.2MP camera that records 720p HD video and the rear 5MP camera, which records 1080p HD video. It has a lithium-polymer 42.5-watt-hour battery, which lasts up to 10-12 hours. It can be charged via power adapter or USB and a computer system. Apple introduced a new ‘Lightning connector’ with this generation of iPad, and you also have 3.5-mm stereo headphone mini-jack.

How can it be used?

This iPad is very easy to use. Step-by-step setup guide enables quick and easy set up. Scrolling is quick and accurate, and all actions, such as opening files, browsing and so on, work really smoothly, without any slight delay at all. The on-screen keyboard is very intuitive, therefore easy to get accustomed to, although you always can buy a keyboard case or wireless keyboard if you prefer. If you purchase the cellular version, you will have access to 4G, which gives an extremely fast internet connection, although it is very quick on standard Wi-Fi as well.

The screen is definitely the best one on the market. Picture is incredibly sharp, and viewing angles are fantastic, so you and your friends can all gather together and watch pictures or videos without any problem. When looking at the screen held up at direct light, the picture remains perfect, although when held up direct against sunlight, the screen does fade a little, but that is something you will just have to accept with any tablet.

The model is supplied with two cameras. On the front, you have 1.2MP camera, which is very practical to use for making video calls via Skype or Apple’s Facetime. The rear camera has 5MP and it produces pretty good images. Making video also works very well, including the audio component. You can record 1080p HD video with this camera.

If you wish to play games on your tablet, then the iPad with Retina display is by far the best choice for you. The games are running quicker and smoother than on any other tablet. The only downside of this iPad is relatively poor sound, which reflects all the tablets on the market at the moment. Other than that, user experience is quite amazing.

How long does the battery run for?

This generation of iPad has the longest battery life so far. On its default settings (normal light levels and so on), fully charged iPad 4 can provide about 10-12 hours of Wi-Fi web surfing or music/video playback.

Is there anything else I should know about?

The weight of this model is one of its downsides, since it can be tiring to hold it in your hand for a long time. Understandably, due to its full-sized 10-inch screen, this is best suited to be used as an indoor iPad. With this model, Apple introduced a new Lightning connector, which makes it impossible to use this iPad with older Apple products, unless you buy an adapter.

Furthermore, there are no USB or HDMI ports, so the only way to connect this iPad to your TV is through separate HDMI connector, which also needs to be bought separately. There are also no memory expansion slots. As for 4G, some networks are supported and some are not, so if using 4G is one of the features that draw you to buy this iPad, check first whether your network is supported or not.

Overall conclusion

This is the model with probably the best screen available on the market, which makes it a highly attractive proposition. Besides that, this tablet is extremely fast and stable. It has a great camera that records 1080p HD video and provides 4G broadband (only with cellular model). However, there is no perfect tablet. You should remember that the sound is not the best (similar to other tablets), along with no USB and HDMI ports, nor does it provide the capacity of expanding storage.

Despite these relatively minor shortcomings, the 4th generation iPad with Retina display is definitely the best tablet available. The main advantages are the unbelievably good screen, extremely fast processor and graphics card, as well as its great design and user-friendliness. Its pretty much the standard that we have come to expect for most Apple products. Of course, the decision whether to buy or not is up to you, and would also ultimately depend on how you intend to use your tablet device and want to spend.

Price: Get a price on the Apple iPad with Retina display (16GB + 4G) £321.00 at Amazon*



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