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HP Envy Touchsmart 4-1202 Laptop

HP Envy Touchsmart 4-1202 Laptop Mr Review

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Summary: Pros: Good web battery life, touchscreen operation, Sleek design. Cons: Reflective screen in bright lighting, No DVD player.


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Welcome to my review on The HP Envy Touchsmart 4-1204 ultrabook laptop. My review will cover on what it is, its specifications, how it can be used and any other points that you must know when comparing it to the market for similar style ultrabooks. I will finish my analysis with an overall conclusion of all points given, positive and negative, so that you are aware of what you’ll be purchasing.

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What is the Sony Vaio T Series SVT1313L1ES?

The HP Envy Touchsmart 4-¬1204 is stylish ultrabook laptop that looks to have been inspired by the Apple MacBooks and comes with Windows 8. HP has depicted it as being light and portable for everyday use, from common tasks to web surfing.

What are the Specifications of this device?

The HP Envy Touchsmart 4-¬1204 comes with Intel Core i5 processor a capacity of up to 8 GB RAM, however it is common to find it from 4 GB of RAM. It has SSD drive and is available from up to 500GB of Hard-disk space. The screen size is 14 inches, with a resolution of 1366 x 768 with an Intel HD Graphics 4000 card.

You get 3 USB ports, which come with powered functionality that needs to be enabled in the ultrabooks configuration set-up. An Ethernet port and wireless are also included, so is a HDMI cable. It weighs 1.8 kgs.

How can it be used?

This smart HP Envy Touchsmart 4-¬1204 SVT1313L1ES ultrabook is portable to use and can be used just like any other laptop device for every day everyday jobs. Its touch screen is ideal to use with Windows 8. It is stylish model aiming to look good, but it does also process general everyday applications well, like using the MS Office suite and web searches. With this said, it is suitable for students or for anyone who wants to invest in something functional, without breaking the bank.

How long does the battery run for?

Battery life on the HP Envy Touchsmart 4-¬1204 is not bad, at around just under five hours of usage time when watching movies from the Hard-disk. This means that you could watch about a couple of average length films back to back without worrying of running out of power. If you are using this Touchsmart Ultrabook for web browsing you can easily go for near five and a half hours of use from a fully charged battery, which is great value for its price.

Is there anything else I should know about?

This HP Envy Touchsmart 4-¬1204 SVT1313L1ES is super thin, measuring 20mm thick! It is sleek and comfortable to use, but is not really the highest performing ultrabook on the market, like its rivalslike the Mac Airbook or the Asus Zenbook UX31 that it tries to mimic, which are both slim in design but powerful to use.

Despite the latter, the HP Envy Touchsmart 4-¬1204 SVT1313L1ES does come with durable components, with a comfy and easy to use keyboard.

It’s sleek and the components feel durable. The keyboard is easy and comfortable to use.

As mentioned in the specifications, the Envy Touchsmart 4–‐1204 contains both HDMI port and a SD card slot, perfect for connecting it up to the TV to upload your family and memorable pictures from the card to your ultrabook.

Like many ultrabooks, this one comes with a glossy screen which looks great with vivid colours but is reflective to light, which can make the images look a little duller to view.

Another observation is that it doesn’t come with a DVD drive, mostly because the design is to be made thin and created to keep the weight down.

It doesn’t come with access panels to manually upgrade memory and Storage, therefore when you do order you’ll need to make sure that you choose enough RAM and hard-disk space for your needs. If you do open the laptop through its the casing, please be aware that you’ll no longer be covered by with its warranty.

There appears to be two versions available for this Ultrabook, the slightly more expensive one comes with touch screen and this other cheaper alternative doesn’t have that feature.

Overall conclusion

  • At 1.8 kgs in weight, the HP Envy TouchSmart 4 isn’t the lightest ultrabook on the market. However it is still a good choice if you’re on a budget and need a fast and decent performing ultrabook with Windows 8.
  • Its battery life could be better, but it’s obviously not an issue if you work from it connected to the power source or charge it regularly.
  • If you do opt for the touchscreen display, it is rather a useful feature to have and to make good use with Windows 8. This feature HP Envy Touch Smart 4 is not essential, and of course, if you’re used to using a keyboard and mouse, it will work fine either way.
  • This Elegant Ultrabook does what it says on the tin, for its good price I’d say it is worth considering.

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