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Microsoft Surface RT (32GB) Review

Microsoft Surface RT (32GB) Review Mr Review

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Summary: Pros: Word, Excel and Powerpoint pre-installed. Detachable keyboard and high-quality finish to the hardware. Cons: Not as many apps available as for other operating systems, heavy with keyboard attached, reduced free storage space due to large pre-installed apps.


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Microsoft has finally brought to the market a tablet that should prove equally useful for people who use tablets for home and the ones who need them for work. It runs on Windows RT, the operating system specifically created for tablet device use.

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It comes included with MS Office package and enables you to choose from a variety of typing choices, including on-screen keyboard, attachable keyboard and two different keyboard covers. It still has some imperfections, which is understandable since Microsoft is new to tablet market, but is nevertheless a top quality tablet, and it will certainly have its place in the market.

What is Microsoft Surface RT (32GB)?

Microsoft Surface RT is a tablet designed to meet with the typical uses of a tablet, such as video playback, video games, web surfing and so on. However, the greatest value of this particular tablet is the design intended for the people who use it for work, such as the work performed through MS Office applications. Therefore, Microsoft offers Surface RT with already installed MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. They even went as far as to develop a special operating system for tablets called Windows RT.

What are the specifications of this device?

Microsoft Surface RT’s dimensions are 10.81 x 6.77 x 0.37 inches and it has 10.6 inchdisplay, with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. It has a quad-core processor; 2 GB RAM and 32/64 GB storage space.

It is supplied by 31.5 W-h battery that can last for 8-10 hours. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are available, and as for connection ports, there are USB port (full-sized), HDMI port and MicroSD slot.

There are two cameras, front and rear, and both record 720p HD video. Microsoft Surface RT comes with built in stereo speakers. It runs on Microsoft Windows RT, which is included, as well as MS Office package (adapted for tablet use), Windows Mail and Messaging, SkyDrive, IE 10, Bing, Xbox Music and some games.

How can it be used?

Microsoft Surface RT is easy to set up. It is also straightforward to use and is nicely designed, with strong dark titanium casing. The screen has a good resolution, not as good as 4th generation iPad or Google Nexus 10, but it is still more than good enough for watching videos or playing video games.

Besides that, Surface RT has additional functionality – split-screen option that enables you to split the screen in two and use two documents, or for example web browser and the document at the same time. This is one of the main reasons why Microsoft Surface RT is great for work. The other great advantage is that MS Office package comes already included and has a variety of input options to choose from.

The on-screen keyboard is easy to use and the attachable keyboard is available as well, if needed. Furthermore, you may buy a keyboard cover, which makes typing even easier. There are two different keyboard covers, called “Touch Cover” and “Type Cover”. The “Touch Cover” includes pressure sensitive keys, whereas “Type Cover” features regular style keys, similar to the ones on desktop or laptop keyboards. Surface RT has full-size USB and HDMI port, so it is easy to connect with other devices, such as your big screen TV.

How long does the battery run for?The battery lasts for 8 to 10 hours, which is not as long as the iPad, but it is still good and goes hand to hand with all other most popular and quality tablets out there.

Is there anything else I should know about?

Although you get 32 or 64 GB of storage space, Windows RT and other already included applications take a staggering 16GB of space. On the upside, there is a MicroSD slot, so you can buy additional storage space. Speakers are not so great, but then again, they are not any worse than on most other tablets. There are some problems that arise from the fact that this is a new area for Microsoft to cover in the market. Therefore, you will find a lack of applications developed for Windows RT, and the operating system itself is a bit different from others, so it takes time for getting used to. It also doesn’t run perfectly smooth 100% of the time, especially when opening certain applications or large files.

Overall conclusion

Microsoft Surface RT offers you the chance to do all work in MS Office, Word and Excel on a tablet device, without limiting the other ways to use it, such as gaming, video playback and web browsing. It therefore does away with a heavy and bulky laptop if Microsoft are your applications of choice, making it ideal for meetings and travel. It also looks great and has variety of input options, including on-screen keyboard, attachable keyboard and two different keyboard covers.

It also offers variety of connection options, such as full-size USB and HDMI port, and the MicroSD slot is available as well. On the other hand, sound is not the best, as on most of the tablets. There are some problems that you would normally expect from a new product on the market, such as operating system imperfections, lack of available applications and so on. However, these software-related issues will probably be solved as time goes by.

When considering storage space, note that 32 GB is not actually 32 GB, since about 16 GB goes to Windows RT and other applications already installed. Therefore, you should consider 64-GB version or additional memory card. To summarize, Microsoft Surface RT isn’t perfect, but it definitely brings to the tablet market something new, useful and very interesting.

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