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Review for HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dw

Review for HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dw Mr Review

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Summary: Pros: Good, fast text prints, wi-fi Cons: Big



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We are reviewing the HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dw printer for your consideration so we can advise you what it is like to use.

This printer is a mono laser printer, ideal for office use although it is quite bulky in size.

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It comes with a number of features such as dual paper trays, a flip-up touch screen and comes WIFI enabled. It is quite fast when we tested its print speed, producing decent quality print on paper.

Another good factor with this printer is that it is quite economical in printing costs, which is always a welcoming consideration if you print many pages every day.

How well does it print?

The print quality is good with sharp text on prints which look good and professional. It prints outs 17.6 pages per minute, which is fast. If you print something that was in colour, it will print out shades and patterns in place of the coloured sections of the original document.

Any other considerations to watch out for?

It comes with a user-friendly touch screen control; however there are slight delays to response time of you are used to using the interface of a smart phone.

With this printer, you can connect in three ways with Ethernet, Wi-Fi or USB cable connection to hook up to a pc. The setup to connect it through the wireless connection is quite easy and fast.

You can set up duplexing so that it automatically prints on both sides with the auto-duplexing feature.

It boots up like an average printer, not too fast nor too slow. It takes around 40 seconds for the first page to print out after being powered on.

Is it worth the investment?

It is if you have the space to place the printer in your office and it produces relatively fast and good quality prints. It has an easy to use control panel interface and is Wifi enabled.

Overall it is Ideal if you have a medium to large office.

Feedback from other users:

“A great buy, the best printer I’ve used in a long time. Works well on different systems and operating systems like PC, Mac, Android devices, IOS and ePrint”.

“I’m surprised at how quiet this printer is”.

“A delightful printer to use. I like that it can print double- sided and prints very fast”.

“Produces excellent quality prints for double sided monochrome output. Very useful network port and it was easy to set up. I was able to use the printer from my Ipad by using the “Airprint” app. I’d imagine that it is very cost effect to run compared to a coloured laser jet printer. We’ll find out sooner or later”. 

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