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Are Blu-ray Players for you? – Reviews on Blu-ray Players

Here at Mr Review we’ve had plenty of questions regarding whether buying a Blur-ray player is a good choice, therefore we have decided to write this article to highlight the most important points before opening your wallet.

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How does Blu-ray differ from a standard DVD player?

The main difference here is the quality of the picture that is produced from the player. As you may gather, it is the Blu-ray that offers the High-definition picture quality compared to standard DVD players.

What you do need to consider when buying a Blu-ray player is having a HDTV ( high definition television), as without it you will not be able to see HD images. Therefore, if you don’t own a HDTV or are not planning in purchasing one, then opting for a Blu-ray player isn’t going to be ideal!

Will my DVDs play on Blu-ray Players?

Absolutely! This is the wonderful thing about Blu-ray players, if you’ve a collection of your favourite movies, they’ll still play as normal on Blu-ray players and you do not need to buy them all over again just for that.

The only thing you will need to consider is the following. Since your standard DVD discs are not Blu-ray discs, the picture quality will not be true HD but it’ll upscale the image to a HD-like appearance.

Do Blu-ray discs cost more than standard Dvds?

As of late, Blu-ray discs are no longer expensive to buy simply because they’ve been out on the market for some time. It is now common to buy brand new popular titles for less than twenty British pounds.

Do Blu-ray discs come in various regional codes?

Like standard DVD discs, Blu-ray discs also come in various regional codes but there are some differences. For instance, a cheaply made disc from the US may not work on your UK home Blu-ray player.

The following are the Blu-ray regions for discs: the Americas and SE Asia are covered by region A, Europe, Autralasia, the Middle East and Africa are covered by Region B; and Russia, Central and South Asia are covered by region C.

Is it compatible with surround sounds systems?

The good thing about Blu-ray discs is that they come already recorded in multi-channel formats. And we’ve noticed that they come with at least a digital audio socket (SPDIF) that is compatible with plugging a surround system into it.

So a Blu-ray player can be connected up to a surround sound system as longs as the Blu-ray player has either a fibre optic socket or a coaxial socket to have the sound system plugged into it. If you already have a surround system, you may want to check first the amplifier connector’s (input) compatibility against the surround sound system’s s socket (output)

Do Blu-ray players play CDs?

Blu-ray players do play CD and read other types of file types and audio discs. For example, MP3 files from SA-CDs, pictures from digital cams and jpegs too.

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