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Sony Vaio T Series SVT1313L1ES Ultrabook

Sony Vaio T Series SVT1313L1ES Ultrabook Mr Review

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Summary: Pros: Good web battery life, touchscreen operation. Cons: Reflective screen in bright lighting.


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Mr Review on Sony Vaio T series SVt1313L1ES laptop device. In our review we will cover what it is, the specifications, how you can best use it and any other considerations that you must know, comparing it to the market for similar style ultrabooks. We will end the review with an overall conclusion of all points given, positive and negative, so that you are aware of what you’ll be purchasing.

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What is the Sony Vaio T Series SVT1313L1ES?

The Sony Vaio T Series SVT1313L1ES is a touch screen ultrabook laptop that comes with Windows 8. It comes in an attractive silver casing, with the notion of making it easily portable for use. Despite it looking thin, it is actually a solid laptop device making it durable with its designed HDD shock protection. Battery life on it is very good, I’ll cover more about this later…

What are the Specifications of this device?

This ultrabook comes with 500GB hard disk and also includes solid state cache drive for faster performance at 24 GB, meaning that it will also boot up very quickly.

  • It has a 3rd generation Intel Core i3 processor 1.80 GHz and an Intel HM76 Express Chipset.
  • The memory size is 4GB and supports a maximum of 8GB of Memory.
  • It has a 13.3 inch LED multi-touch Screen. Built-in in is Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card.
  • Comes with USB 2.0 and 3 ports, memory card slot, HDMI output port, standard VGA output port and Ethernet port. Supports Bluetooth and wireless connections.
  • Its web-cam of 1.3 Megapixels is good enough for video calls and chats and it weighs in at 1.7 Kgs.

How can it be used?

As mentioned above, the Sony Vaio T Series SVT1313L1ES ultrabook is portable to use and can be used just like any other laptop device. This one does come with touch screen, ideally optimised to use with Windows 8 (£56.21 from Amazon*). It does have a wide and comfortable track-pad to use. It is really a good choice for anyone who is on the move but needs something bigger than a tablet pc to work with. With Sony Vaio T Series SVT1313L1ES you get nearly all of the basic features and components as a standard laptop, with the exception of one thing, which I’ll cover shortly. With its great battery life, you can use it for word processing or any other applications to work with, not forgetting that it is extremely good for web browsing.

How long does the battery run for?

Ok, so here’s what I wanted to describe earlier on. Battery life, as you can gather from my earlier comment, is really good. It has been tested to run between 6-7 hours for web browsing after a single battery charge. However, watching videos from the hard-drive will greatly reduce the battery life to nearly half of that at around 3-4 hours, also from a single charge.

Is there anything else I should know about?

The touch screen and wide track pad are both very responsive to use, ideal for all kinds of works and web browsing on this ultrabook. The screen colours look fine in normal room lighting, however as it does have a glossy screen, it’ll reflect any light source emanating from behind wherever you could be sitting, washing out the colours a little. This is a common problem with most laptops on the market. With its built in speakers, it is no surprise that the sound bass lacks quality, also a common feature with most ultrabooks. To overcome this, you simply use a set of headphones, or plug in some quality speakers when watching a movie to listening to music.

On the topic of watching movies or using any other DVD media, it is crucial to know that the Sony Vaio T Series SVT1313L1ES does not come built with a DVD drive. This ultrabook can be a little slow with its wi-fi, although it is fine to use for surfing the web, it is not ideal to use for copying or downloading huge file sizes over this feature, the work-around it would be to use a wired network cable to be plugged into it’s either net port for faster file transfers and downloads.

The good thing is that it’s 24 Gb Solid state drive uses it cache feature, meaning that it will remember previously visited webpages quickly and will make the laptop very responsive after periods of hibernating or inactivity.

This ultrabook comes with shortcut buttons on the keyboard like the ‘vaio’ ‘assist’ and ‘web’ , used to access their help menu and web browser.

Overall conclusion

The Sony Vaio T Series SVT1313L1ES ultrabook is smooth comfortable to use. Given the fact that it lacks a DVD drive, this does keep the overall weight down despite it still being on the heavier side. Comparing this to most ultrabooks and new devices on the market, many do this as it looks like it may soon be a legacy device on such portable ultrabooks. And they are fast becoming more like tablet pcs in design. The good thing is that you still get USB ports, which you can use an external USB storage device to copy movies, files and work over to and use it that way. Overall the advantages outweigh disadvantages, as most laptop devices do come with tis pros and cons. I’d say that it is a good investment for the smooth performance you can expect for everyday working and web browsing.

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